The MBN AIRMAN is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. There are numerous applications as eyecatcher, special effect or decoration.

Tubes (MBN AIRTUBES) and figures (MBN AIRGUYS) can be used with the MBN AIRMAN fan. For the MBN AIRTUBES and MBN AIRGUYS SINGLE one fan is required, for the MBN AIRGUYS TWIN, two fans are required.

The material used for MBN AIRTUBES and MBN AIRGUYS is manufactured from a special textile suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Custom made figures can be produced on request.

For the operation of MBN AIRMAN fan you need just a standard 230 V/50 Hz supply. The attractive metal housing comes in a blue finish. The MBN AIRMAN fan can easily be transported by integrated carrying handles. The fan is equipped with a lighting module.



Standard MBN AIRTUBES and MBN AIRGUYS are available in 4 m, 6 m and 8 m. As special figures following tops are available: Santa Clause (4 m + 6 m), cook (6 m), flower (4 m – colour as per request), bottle (3,2 m – colour as per request), champagne bottle (3,2 m), clown (5 m). Further custom figures upon request. The diameter of MBN AIRTUBES and MBN AIRGUYS for the MBN AIRMAN 3 is 47cm.

Hood flightcase

Hood flightcase

Additionally, a hood flightcase with wheels is available for the MBN AIRMAN 3 fan.

Technical characteristics MBN AIRMAN 3:
height:500 mm
width x depth:750 x 750 mm
weight:37 kg
outlet diameter:470 mm
power source:230 V / 50 Hz
power consumption:875 VA


All MBN AIRMAN tops can be labelled. Various methods/procedures are available.

For labels and simple logos:

  • sewing labels on using the same material as the top (very durable). All colours of the colour table are available.
  • sticking on the logo using the same material as the top (medium lifespan). Available are following colours 2300 (black), 1000 (white), 3106 (red), 3272 (pink), 3834 (violet), 5285 (yellow), 7755 (blue) from the colour table.
  • sticking labels on made from plotterfilm material (1-2 days lifespan). Available are about all RAL colours.

For extravagant logos, labellings or allover printing:

  • 4-colour digital print

Colour range