Foam is an important show effect in film, theatre and party sectors. Originated by the creative promoters on Ibiza in the early 90s, the idea of foam parties was picked up by European discotheque managers and promoters. In 1995 MBN developed the first foam generator (MBN F-630) produced in series. In the late 90s the foam wave spreaded rapidly over all continents through several kinds of foam parties. Even for theatre, TV and film applications the MBN foam generators are frequently used due to its simple, fast and secure handling. All foam generators comply with CE regulations and are "Made in Germany". Motor, ventilator and pump are German quality products as well. The motor and the foam net were specially developed for the use of this device. The matching effect fluid for foam parties was developed by MBN as well and is tested dermatologically.

Operation principle:
The mix of water and foam is transported through a pump from the tank to the foam generator. Here the fluid is sprayed through a fine nozzle on the foam net and converted to foam by air pressure from the fan.

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